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probably dead

If I said when CNN first broke the story Adam Mayes kidnapped the Bain family, a mother and her 3 daughters I felt the oldest daughter and mother were dead and Adam Mayes would shoot himself in the head so I said “he is probably dead”, I would deny it.  I would say there is something about how the pigmentation in the photos of such persons appears, like being able to see how the life force was drained.

Wonder if having de ja vu at a critical and traumatic time means the person can get through it better the second, third, fourth time around because they know they are having de ja vu.  It used to be when I had de ja vu I believed it meant I was being in the right place at the right time, but now my de ja vu perspective has changed, taking on a new meaning, that maybe there is de ja vu to aid a person in getting through something better this time than they did last time.  Regardless, de ja vu still makes me nervous and cautious.

If I could predict something today, I would predict that Isabel Celis is on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation in the Sonoran desert on the Mexican side of the border and that the person responsible for her absence from her home is left handed.  Sure hope they find that child.

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