Re: Aliahna Lemmon, how I knew

28 Dec

Approximately 5 minutes into seeing a news story that Aliahna Lemmon was missing they showed her picture and I was immediately reminded of Zahra Baker. I can only speak for myself but photos of persons taken in life take on a different quality after they have passed away, and if they have been dismembered every photo of them taken in life appear to have a more faded out quality to me. I don’t know why that is the case for me, it just is so I don’t doubt it because every time that measure for me has been an accurate predictor. Same thing was true for me when they were showing pics taken in life of Zahra Babker, I knew right away from the quality I viewed the pics in that child had been dismembered and I said so in posts. I don’t know whether the pics really are faded or not, I only know that was my perception of them so I instantly knew. The second thing I saw was a pic of Mr. Mike the man that was babysitting Aliahna and upon viewing his pic I immediately knew he killed her in a brutal and violent manner, I thought of a nearby business that seemed like a grocery store. Contrary to belief I actually channel living people better than I channel dead people. So upon viewing Mr. Mike’s pics I was able to channel him pretty quickly. When I say channel I mean to get a feel or fix on how he mus have been feeling, for his perception, to see, smell, feel, taste, and otherwise sense the way he would and very strong feelings of aggression and panic came through instantly for me. For me channeling the dead takes much more and is something I do not like to do. First, it takes permission from the next of kin or the dead soul themselves. Second, it takes permission from God to go find them especially if they are not where I think they would be. Third, it takes discipline and determination to not go any further than the scope permission was granted for in the first place. Fourth, it takes faith and Fifth it takes good control. Therefore I am more inclined to channel feelings and energy from people and things in the environment. This does not make me psychic, maybe a bit of a metaphysical bloodhound. The real challenge for me is the bigger picture stuff, or trying to figure what a singular event means might mean in the larger frame or how it relates to other events. In order to do that I have to approach it from numerous disciplines, and sometimes completely out of the box. The more I understand the less I know but the more practiced and better at it I become. This is no joke to me because I feel like the purpose of my life on earth is to understand exactly that. Sometimes I don’t have all the facts I need but that doesn’t stop me from getting from it what I need to get, which is the very purpose of this blog. So I can look back on it and figure things out. So Aliahna. What I know about her was she was handicapped, impaired vision and hearing, ADHD, and PTSD all in her short life of 9 years old, and her family would not say what caused these things to occur, just that it was central nervous system damage but they would not say how which means to me somebody probably did something very violent to this child long before she came into contact with Mr. Mike to be murdered by him. She had two little sisters younger than her and they were in the trailer when Mr. Mike did whatever he did to her before he killed her and dismembered her. More than likely he sexually abused her, the two other little girls woke up from hearing her shriek, he told them she is having nightmares, go back to sleep, don’t worry about a thing and by that time he had already bashed her head in with a brick because she probably ran for the door to get away but he panicked and killed her, then he had to get rid of the body. When a person dies their soul will usually stick close by the body and within the first 3 days of death the soul might return to the body numerous times because they do not yet have what the buddhist call a “desire” body or ethereal shell body to substitute for their dead body, so they will try to enter the dead body because they miss having a body. But if they have died a severely traumatic or violent death sometimes they will flee from their body and attach to other people or things in the environment. In this case there were two very young sisters in the environment and wanting to protect them as big sister aspects of her soul likely attached to one or both of the younger sisters. It will not surprise me at all if and when they report they see and speak with their big sister then and now and probably for quite some time in the near future. That is why those two little girls really should be removed out of the home which is just a few doors down from where their big sister was harmed, murdered, and dismembered. Sometimes in order to advance to a different realm or advancement in being a soul’s “ego” must be shattered. The more shattered the ego the closer one comes to God, that is just a fact. What people don’t agree is what is God exactly? But that would take up a whole different blogging session. The point is this child’s life was misery from the very beginning, throughout her life, and at her death in the very short 9 years she was on our earthly plane, not only was her ego shattered in every way, her spirit was shattered by whatever happened just before she was murdered and her body was shattered as well. Even her skull was fractured. But if she managed to hold on to consciousness before she passed then she advances to a much better state of being,perhaps even to Bodhisattva-hood. If she lost consciousness perhaps not. I would be able to complete more of this analysis if I knew if her eyes were open or shut at death, I am willing to bet they were open. Assuming this then, she has advanced to a much better and higher state, maybe even attaining the highest state while some aspects of her “suld” soul has lingered around in the two younger sisters, the ice in the freezer where her head, hands and feet were stored, the porch of the trailer where she was killed and dumpsters where the rest of her was dumped. This is where I lack information because if she died her eyes were open. Souls come into this would in groups or clusters and likewise that is how they leave, and that explains a bunch of incidences of children like Aliahna (handicapped, vulnerable, sunny, and good) departing this earth mentally, physically, spiritually shattered. Yet their killers (angels of death) still walking, talking, breathing and living. Hardly seems fair. But why does this happen? Only God knows this, but I know for certain the spirit lives on. It is said in many cultures that one who seems to attract such evil to them in such a short life span was in a previous life a vile person who did much evil but had either advanced in terms of soul just enough to be born again into human form, or they were at all times a Bodhisattva that had purposely chosen not to stay in a state of Buddha hood for the betterment of sentient beings (a mission) or they had to go through shattering of ego to advance to some other purpose or better state of being. I think there is something to that. So if you approach this from the perspective that Aliahna was born into this world knowing and choosing who her parents would be and how she would live and die on this earth, but perhaps not knowing while conscious on earth, but maybe knowing again once passed from this earth again, the analysis greatly changes and the meaning of this 9 year old’s like takes on a whole different picture. Now take all that and combine that with the idea that all of us are connected to the extent that what we think “is” so maybe all that “is” might really be all that we think. Query do things happen because somebody thought it or do people think things because they have happened. There is a etymology for all this stuff. While visions of sugar plums at Christmastime danced in this poor little girt’s head somebody had thought of bashing her little head in with a brick. And there you have “good” and “evil”, “innocent” and “guilty” juxtaposed, but the truth is we are all good, we are all evil, we are all innocent and we are all guilty and that is why this little girl was alive and that is why she is now dead. That’s heavy.

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