Karen Swift

11 Dec

Right after Thanksgiving I posted comments on just about every article I could find on Karen Swift saying they should search around Highway 78 and Harnass Road.  That comment drew criticism because that area had been searched well.  I suggested it be searched again.  Today, 12/10/2011 a body was found around Highway 78 and Harnass Road.  She has been missing for about 6 weeks, the have reported the body recovered is in early stages of decomposition.  I have repeated posted she was probably transported in a refrigerated truck.  That drew criticism too.  I am not psychic.  I am not psychiatric.  I don’t know if it is a brain thing, spiritual thing, or what kind of thing, don’t know how it happens.  I am not right all the time but when I have a strong sense of urgency about something I am usually right on the mark so the fact I can’t explain it is kind of irrelevant.  I can say that I have a keen sense of how people in between states (e.g. Bardo state) can get stuck in an “in between” world (Middle World) when extreme violence and some aspect of their being attaches to the geographical location their body comes to a rest at and attempts to depart or in some cases, tried to come back.  My avatar pic for this blog is a specific location (geographical locus) where my  own “in between” state attached to the environment (in between world).   Any body that has had a really bad wreck where they sustained severe injuries has likely experienced something similar and maybe over time it extinguishes, or maybe not.  Doesn’t matter, pieces of them or some aspect of their essence is still at that spot and they remain aware of it.  I believe that is true whether the person’s body survives or not.   I am not psychic but I really think there is some truth to it and that is why I call this blog “psychicstalker” .  I created this blog to start  keeping a journal to monitor occurrences I experience.  I think it is more an analysis or exercise that stalks psychic attributes that lingers or attaches to metal, gold, silver, copper, nickel, rocks, riverbeds, background noise, caves, trees, sand, water, dirt, mud, boring middle world environment.  Maybe a good metaphor might be “metaphysical bloodhound” for geographical sites, environment or metal.    Maybe I should have named this blog site “Metaphysical Bloodhound”.  Go figure.

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