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I am having another psychicstalker moment.  For the last few months I have felt like Tripoli is going to implode.  And now I really have a deep impending sense that Tripoli is going to implode, that certain parts of it are perhaps engineered to implode to trap many thousands of people on a scale that is going to be pretty much unimaginable.   I would not want to be right about that but I have had a nagging sense of it for several months and now the feeling is impending.  I believe the international journalists at the Rixos Hotel are just sitting ducks and they probably know it.  I think Saif Gadhafi went there to show the journalist that he still has power over them, literally.   Even the electricity in the hotel came back on once he arrived there today.  He went there because he knows what is about to happen to them.  I think this is going to be devastating.  I think Gadhafi has weapons of mass destruction and before he lets anyone take over his government he will kill as many people as he can all at once, could be as soon as tomorrow.  I hope I am not right.  I have no good explanation as to why I seem to see this or sense this other than theories like we are all connected to the extent we come apart to come back together again, that sort of thing.  For me the event I am sensing can be compared to a blurred, frozen frame, mixed up, large and awful.   I don’t really like having those kinds of feelings but I have to relax and just accept them as part of my experience because in some small and weird way I have chosen to experience it along with all the other observers who think they are are experiencing an observation or phenomenon they have in common of events they think are independent of or outside of themselves.

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