Fer de Lance

27 Jul

snake.31.htm  When I went to sleep last night I had Casey Anthony on my brain.  Last night I had a dream and in my dream there were 3 snakes and one was coiled up and resting on top of a wire basket high up in my room and someone else was there and I asked them is that what I think that is, is that a fer de lance, and they said yes that is what it is, we slowly backed out of the room.  So I looked up fer de lance to look at a photo of one and sure enough that is what it looked like in my dream.   I have never seen one before I had this dream, and never looked at an image long enough to recall what the coloration and markings would look like.  My dream was exactly on the mark, but how I knew what one looked like in my dream is a mystery to me.  So what does it mean?  Probably more than one message.  “Fer de lance” means “iron of the spearhead”.  It has also been interpreted to mean to focus or fix your gaze.  In Urdu it means “rattlesnake without a rattle, no warning”.  Fer de lance are inactive and hide during the day in leaves and around roots, and hunt at night for rodents to eat, and can me found in Central and northern South America, around Belize, Venzuela, etc., also in the West Indies. The Mayans specifically selected encampments where there was a large concentration of them to protect their settlements against enemies.   There are at least 4 varieties, one that only grows to about a foot and half to two long that can jump a distance of 6 feet.  I think whoever dumped #cayleeanthony in the rattlesnake pit in Orlando, FL is now or will be in South America or in the West Indies and I would not be at all surprised to hear they have been attacked by a rattleless rattlesnake without warning.



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