18 Jun

 When 10 year old #Zarha Baker was reported missing if someone left a comment on a well visited site saying she was dismembered on a bed, and 7 days after the comment her body was found dismembered and a bloody mattress that was in her house was found at the dump, would they admit they left the comment?  To this very day her head has not been found.  If the person after being right on the money on the first comment left additional comments that her head is under a certain bridge  would they admit it?  You would think if somebody left a comment that turned out to be correct somebody might actually conduct searches based on the additional comments about where the head is.  Zahra’s name means “white flower”.  In the Hindu religion White Tara has a white flower, safe passage to next life and has defeated all illness. #Zahra beat cancer twice, lost half a leg and her ability to hear fighting cancer all to be dismembered on her bed in her own home at age 10.  What “negative involvement” between these 3 people would lead to this result?   Everything seen, heard, felt, tasted, smelled, said and thought on this earth plane is connected.  The record is like a rolling film that can be temporarily frozen to inspect props, stage, actors, scene, and a prediction of how the film will play out can be arrived at from such variables.  But there are some who were around before the foundation of the world, they can come and go many times, and for them there is no such thing as time.  Their nature does not change no matter how many times they have enter into our field of perception.   In some religions they are referred to as “Bodhissatvas”, “Buddhas”, “Dharmapalas”, “Great Spirits”,  “hollow bone” and by other identifiers.  The fact thousands of people who never met #Zahra are humbled by her suffering and disconnected state feel as though they knew her seems to suggest a very old soul that has been here many times.  Her “connectivity” is undeniable in that sense.   But why did #Zahra have more meaning to others in a disconnected, dead state than an animated living state?  And what of Adam Baker, whom is free on the street, and Elisa Baker who is in jail waiting trial on second degree murder charge that likely will not be proven, and a host of other unrelated felony charges.  Why do they appear whole and in a living state? Despite the fact there does not appear to be anything even remotely fair about that, I think the more a person knows the more they really don’t know because then they would be confronted with having one foot in reality and the other foot off the edge of what might really be reality.   Our perception of this world we call “reality” is greatly skewed and so that is the point my psychic stalking activities takes from her case.  What happened to #Zahra is a surreal example for which there does not seem to be any logical explanation and apparently no justice capable of being measured on this earthly plain.   I am not concerned for #Zahra’s soul as she can re-enter this world if she wants to, but really if a person knew their soul could pick up where it left off in this realm why in the world would you want to re-enter it picking up where you left off?  For all the many times she may have re-entered did she ever make it past age 10?  Nobody on this earth helped her when she was in a living and animated state, that is just one of the aspects her “disconnected state” represents. There are other aspects as well, one of them being some soul somewhere has to represent a disconnected state otherwise the rest of us would never be able to recognize what souls being in a “connected” state is, because frankly we just don’t have that kind of faith or hope.  So #Zahra was here, on earth, a “hell” created by adults and people who wouldn’t lift a finger to help her.

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