05 Jun

Help Eman al-Obeidi  I agree with some of the things Bill Frelick says in this article, that she is at risk for being “re-traumatized” by being forced to go back to where she managed to survive a horrific crime, that it is “cruel” for Qatar to send her back there.    Of course he is trying to tell her story and garner support for his Human Rights Watch organization to readers.  I agree with him on that one point but not for the same reasons he states in the article.  I think when extreme violence occurs in a place, that place holds or retains some of the negative energy from the event until or unless the energy field is cleared or purified.   Native American Indians, shamans, Buddhists, etc. are known for centuries for clearing negative energy from space by fire, sage, frankincense, drums, cymbals, chimes, prayers, etc.   Christians throw a little holy water on it and say some prayers.  Muslims use exorcists to clear out jinn.  Soul fracturing is a totally different matter.  Shamans are exceptional at gathering and restoring soul fragments to people and living beings.  I think eventually a survivor can go back to the place where their soul became fractured, and some do but not because they can get the fractured soul parts back.  For instance some Holocaust survivors go back to Auschwitz, some soldiers go back to Viet-Nam, etc. because they are looking for someone or something else lost there or for verification that something occurred the way they recall it. I would think under those kinds circumstances it would seem logical they might want to re-visit that place as a means of overcoming whatever sublime event rocked their core of existence to utter hopeless and desperate disbelief.  But for most, they really can’t can’t handle going back because it is terrible and sublime recall, transport them back like it was that very day.  So yes, I would say that is cruel.   I think people who survive unspeakable things like that figure out their existence is a means, not an end and having had the dress rehearsal they are left to wonder why.  Eventually they figure that while there might be plenty of blame to go around there simply is no “why” which is always hard for humans to accept.  Its like some nameless, faceless supreme being just snapped their fingers and said that is the way it is and there is no why, I don’t care if you accept it or not.  Once that reality creeps in, regret and guilt fly out the window as they are useless contrivances of the mind and the relationship changes from why to what am I and what do you want from me.  A person that has survived an extreme trauma eventually understands this relationship.  They get it.  They understand seconds feeling like minutes and minutes feeling like hours, hours feeling like days and days feeling like years, just as children do.  Only they aren’t thinking as children.  They are in touch with the supreme being in their head.  Marshalling choices and having a focused stream of consciousness mean they comprehend some purpose to having a fractured or splintered soul as a means to something else being seen or understood as “whole”.   It isn’t an “out of body” experience, but rather a change in a state of being.  I have heard doctors say that extreme trauma can change a person on the molecular level, can even change their DNA.  I don’t know about all that.  But I know we should help the Iman al-Obeidi’s in this world because what she has to offer the darkened world is illumination.  She is a jewel in the metaphysical sense.  She is educated and articulate enough to comprehend the purpose of her fractured and splintered soul and how to change her state of being to the extent she will probably be able to teach others without them having to endure the kind of extreme violence she had to endure to come to that understanding.  So I encourage people to click “like” on the Free Iman al-Obeidi Facebook page, peruse that page, have lots of positive thoughts for her well-being and healing.  The world is a brighter place because she is still in it in the state of being she is in.

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