Why psychic stalker?

04 Jun

I just started this blog, may take a while before I get the hang of it.  Somebody said I should do one so I thought I would try it.  They probably just wanted to get me off of Facebook.  I have kind of have a strange talent for some of the strangest kind of stuff.   I do not hold myself out to be a psychic or clairvoyant even though there might be several examples where somebody might think I am able to that. I might post more examples later.  But I’ll start with this one.  There was a case where 4 people and a dog that came up missing, and they found one person alive in a guy’s basement and arrested the guy.  They were still looking for the other three people and the dog and somebody put up a Facebook page for the missing people asking for help.  So if a person went to the Facebook page, and liked it,  read some of the comments, read some articles and posted a message on the Facebook page saying they should look for the bodies in a tree, drawing all kinds of comments;  if a person posted a comment to an article and asked the suspect’s lawyer to just look the guy straight in the eye and ask him which tree he put the bodies in to watch his reaction to the question;  if  3 days later after the person left the comments the suspect gave it up to his lawyer and they found three 3 dead bodies and a dead dog in a tree, what explanation would a person have for that?   They might expect the men in blue came knocking on the door wanting to know where that info came from 3 days in advance of the suspect giving it up, right?  No alcohol, no drugs involved, they just saw the request for help on Facebook, asked the mind where are these people and the dog,  the mind sees it in a form the mind can allow itself to see the answer.  The mind sees a blond woman, a boy and a dog climb out of the tree, they point to the tree.  The other woman’s body is there but her spirit is not.  She does not climb out of the tree.   Her body went with the other 2 and the dog, but her spirit went somewhere else.   Where is her spirit?  It is attached to her daughter, the girl  found a few days before in the guy’s basement.  If a person could see it like that,  would they admit it?   Just because they don’t make it known doesn’t mean they don’t see it.  Our perception of what we call reality is greatly skewed.   I think and study a lot, hunt and track mental energies when I have permission to do so, I explore all kinds of strange strains of BS, so I am going by screen-name “psychic-stalker” on this blog even though half the stuff I put on here won’t relate to that.   Though really, it is all relevant to it.   Contrary to popular belief if a person can see it like that they would not be a “psychic”, they would be something else.  Their connection would be with what is surrounding the souls, or realms souls are in.  Like #mental GPS.   But if people knew that they would be wanting them to find their missing car keys, lost rings, their azz.  There is always something to be learned from those types of experiences on many different levels or aspects.

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